South Portland Bingo Hall, 200 John Roberts Road, South Portland, Maine, 207-761-2717

Sunday August 24th. Sunday Special Bingo. $25 Paper packages, Machines start at $27        

The Maine Booster Bonus ticket is at $7,200                                                                                          

Labor Day Bingo Extravaganza

Monday September 1st

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Doors open at 2pm $100 Paper Package
Bingo begins at 5pm Include your WTA and
  2 Eye Openers, 4 Quickies, 4 Shot guns for both games,
Win Super Bingo Plays for a year 6 Super Shotguns, 1 Dual Action Game
Huge outdoor cookout by Gary and Ashley $120 Bonus Paper Package
  All the Extras you can play and $5 in 50/50 and White Money Tickets
Over 30 games to be played  
last year paid out over $17,000 Machine Pricing
  $109 gets you 54 cards on regular games and WTA
Huge 50/50 drawing ( 20 drawings) 2 Eye Openers, 4 Shot Guns for both games, 4 Quickies,
   4 Dual Action games, and 6 Super Shot guns
Extra drawings on White Money Tickets  
Extra drawings on Red Lottery Palooza tickets $128 gets you a $180 machine (54 cards on all games) $5 in 50/50 and White money tickets
  $140 gets you a $180 machine (54 cards on all games) all sides you can play and
  $10 in 50/50 and White money tickets


South Portland Bingo Hall  -  200 John Roberts Road, South Portland    207.761.2717

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